Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A great hat is an essential piece of fishing gear

George Muckenfuss
Bow Narrows Camp angler George Muckenfuss wears a great fishing hat in this shot with a perch that attacked a Rapala its own size.

When the weather is hot and sunny it's important for fishermen to protect their noggins from not only the heat but also UV rays.

Summer sunlight is more intense in Northern Ontario than at more southern latitudes due to the fact the northern hemisphere is tipped toward the sun at this time.

A wide-brimmed hat gives better protection than does a baseball cap although even a cap is a tremendous improvement from wearing no headgear at all.

Hats do catch a lot of wind; however, and it's necessary to have a chin strap to prevent it from blowing overboard when traveling with the outboard at high speed.

George is also wearing a very comfortable model of life vest. This type leaves the shoulders free for movement and air circulation. It also has handy pockets on the front.

I have a similar model except it has mesh over the shoulders.

Headgear plus polarized sunglasses also lets a fishermen see through the glare on the lake and thus spot rocks and weeds and sometimes, fish following the lure.

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