Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eppinger Dardevle is THE red-and-white spoon

Eppinger red-and-white Daredevle
One of the most famous and time-tested lures for northern pike is the red-and-white Dardevle made by Eppinger.

No other red-and-white spoon compares to this brand.

For northern pike fishing on Red Lake you want the 2/5, 1/2 and 3/4 oz models.

The most famous size is the 1-oz (about four inches long) but except for the first and last couple weeks of fishing, this size does not produce as many fish as do the smaller models on Red Lake.

Just like the other spoons brands mentioned in the previous blogs, Eppinger spoons are heavier for their size and so run deeper than cheap red-and-white spoons.

Although the red-and-white Dardevle is the best known color scheme, many people find the black-and-white can work even better.

Even less known are the myriad of plain metals like copper and the painted patterns like five-of-diamonds and rainbow trout but all of these can work great.

Pay close attention to your retrieving speed when using Dardevles. At the correct speed this spoon ducks and dives in a manner that entices strikes from even non-aggressive northern pike.

When casting shorelines with the 2/5 oz. model don't be surprised if you also come up with some walleye.

They really love the red-and-white color as well as the five-of-diamonds.

Sometimes all it takes to switch from northern pike to walleye fishing is to let this lure settle for a few seconds before starting the retrieve.

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