Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do women really catch fish at your camp? DUH!!

You're kidding, right?

Don't bring your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter unless you're prepared to be the netman for a lot of fish.

Not only do women catch fish here, they seem to be REALLY GOOD AT IT!

I remember mentioning to a woman one time that seeing as how her gender seemed particularly adept at catching fish, it's surprising that more of them don't take up fishing as a sport.

"That's just it," she said. "There's no challenge in it!"


Anyway, the question isn't whether women can catch fish, it's whether they will bait their own hooks. This is where we usually sort the men from the, well, women.

Imagine going walleye fishing with your buddy and when it came time to thread a nightcrawler or leech on a jig he went, "EWWW! That's gross!"

At this point he would become your ex-fishing-buddy.

But somehow, we cave when the very same remark is made by a member of the gentler sex. I suppose it gives us a chance to show how manly and brave we are by baiting the hook for her.

It depends on the family, of course. In our family the girls either baited their own hooks or they just sat in the boat like so many ornaments because the men just weren't going to do it for them. So, eventually, they all learned to get along with the worms and leeches. It was tough love, I suppose.

Every family is different but there's a practical reason why men should insist females bait their own hooks. It gives the men a chance to catch a fish of their own. Otherwise they are either baiting her hook or netting her fish or taking her picture with a fish.

Of course, it does give the man a chance to prove his prowess as a guide!


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1 comment:

Doug said...

Yea, the guide thing... Let's go with that one!

It has been my experience that women tend to "out-fish" men on a consistent basis. I remember reading something on the subject, many years ago in which a scientific study demonstrated the reason women seem to fish better than men. It was proven that women have quicker reflexes than men. When a fish strikes or nibbles on the end of a line, the quicker reflex action becomes a positive factor in the landing of a fish. I can't recall how they determined all of that. I am not in a position to disagree, as I have no data to disprove that theory.

I fish quite a bit throughout the year, and I am always asking my lovely bride if she would like to join me. She always declines, and I suppose that is a good thing. The truth be known, she would probably out-fish me and wonder why I waste so much time, energy, and money in an activity that she has mastered; comparatively!