Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Floors in boats, more electric-start Hondas in 2010

recoil-start Honda 20 hp
We've been using four-stroke Honda 20 h.p. outboards for a long time now and they're a hit with just about everybody.

They idle like a dream, are so quiet you can hardly tell they're running and don't produce smoke like the old two-stroke outboards.

At the same time they squirt our 16-foot Lund fishing boats around at 20+mph which lets you get to the farthest places we ever fish in about 20 minutes.

The Hondas are also very easy to start (See Our 20 hp four-stroke Hondas, March, 2009).

Still, as many of us get up in years we find just the motion of pulling the starting cord to aggravate bad shoulders, bad backs, etc.

So, as we update our motor fleet the last couple of years we have been switching our new motors to electric-start models. It's the same motor as before but instead of pulling the cord you push a button.

This year 13 of our 19 motors will be electric-starts.

The motor in the photo above is one of the recoil models. The electric-start looks identical except it has a cable that runs to a 12-volt battery in the bottom of the boat.

I'd like to repeat right here that it's no hardship if you get the recoil model when you come this season as they are so easy to start anyway.

We will try to ensure our older guests or people with injuries get the electric starts this season.

By 2011 we should have all electric-starts.

Another innovation that we started incorporating last summer and had completed by fall is that our Lund boats now all have floors in their bows. This makes a flat surface for the person sitting up there to fish from.

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