Friday, August 7, 2009

Use regular dock; no phone, e-mail Sunday

Despite the flooded conditions our regular dock at Red Lake Marine worked OK for guests departing Friday.

So we will continue to use that site for incoming guests Saturday and Sunday.

Wait until the Lickety Split has arrived before loading the dock cart.

The dock is floating above its foundation and will sink if more than a couple of people walk on it.

For this reason, load the cart on the land and let Dan pull it out to the boat.

Make sure you have your rubber boots on when you prepare to get in the Lickety Split.

You will need them not only to get out on the sinking dock but also to navigate around camp.

The ground is wet, muddy and slippery.

We've had more than 50% above-normal precipitation in July. Forecast looks good for this week but after a month of almost continuous rain we will believe the predicted days of sun and hot when we see them.

In other news: the power will be turned off in Red Lake all day Sunday, Aug. 9. This means there will be no telephone or e-mail that day, both in town and at camp.

Incoming guests, we will meet you at Red Lake Marine as scheduled.
Sobey's Supermarket will also be closed on Sunday due to the power outage so if you need snacks pick them up down the road or at one of the gas stations in Red Lake which are usually open during scheduled power outages.

Photo shows scene at the dock early Friday morning. The lake rose nearly a foot last week, including 6 inches one day alone.

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