Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fishing is good despite the water level

Some of you have wondered if the extreme high water level is affecting the fishing.
It is, of course, but our anglers are still doing quite well.
We've had lots of walleyes caught, both big ones and nice eating sizes.
Pike fishing seems better right now than it was three weeks ago with many people bringing in good eaters and reporting releasing pike in the 30+ inch range every day.
Yesterday one angler reported a 39.5-inch pike he had released.
I notice that there is a pattern to the anglers' success.
Those who cast for pike and jig for walleye are doing better than those who do nothing but troll.
Also although there are certainly walleyes at all depths this year due to the cool water but the best success can be found by fishing shallow.
The fish are also on the move a great deal.
For pike, the best success is coming from Mepps #5 spinners and small silver spoons like Little Cleo, Mepps Cyclops and Len Thompson spoons. Pike also like pink.
For walleyes, stick to quarter-ounce jigs with orange or green or white twister tails tipped with either leeches or worms. There's no advantage in using hard-to-keep-alive minnows yet.
The 14-day weather forecast looks wonderful -- lots of sunshine is predicted.
But just in case, be prepared for rain.
One of our anglers this week reports that Wal-Mart is selling excellent quality rubber boots, made in Canada, for about $20. They are brown in color and are called Dairy men's boots.
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