Monday, August 31, 2009

Fishing is "different" most anglers report

Despite the flood conditions here we are still catching some nice fish but virtually all of our regular customers have the same thing to say about the fishing by the ends of their weeks.

It's "different."

That's not very helpful for the next groups but it's almost all they ever say about it.

From my observation I would say walleyes are spread out throughout the water column due to the fact the lake is about the same temperature from a few feet below the surface to the bottom.

Northern pike are the real mystery. They are much harder to catch than normal but as the photo above proves, they are still out there.

Some groups did fairly well last week on pike at least as far as sizes were concerned. Tony from North Carolina landed and released this 45 incher and another angler did likewise with a 41.5-inch fish. There were many fish in the mid-to-high 30-inch range caught and released.

Where are they being caught? From what I've heard they are mosty in shallow, weedy bays. Some days they are in the weedbeds growing away from shore and the next they are right on the shore. The key is to make a lot of casts and not to give up on a spot for the entire week just because you weren't successful there one time. If the fish aren't biting there in the morning they might be in the afternoon, etc.

The really good news is it is SUNNY here and is supposed to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Boy, does that make us feel great after months of torrential downpours.
I've also seen a couple flocks of sandhill cranes migrating south. These huge gravel-voiced birds are always the first signs of autumn.

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