Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dock in town is flooded

Our dock and part of the parking lot in Red Lake is flooded due to all the heavy rain we have had the past month.
I was able to use the dock Wednesday by wearing rubber boots.
For incoming guests I would suggest they also get their rubber boots out once they get to Red Lake. At this point we will still plan on meeting incoming guests at the usual dock between Red Lake Marine and McTaggart's Store. However, depending on our experience in using the dock tomorrow (Friday) with outgoing guests, we may need to divert to the Government Dock.
I won't know if that is necessary until Friday afternoon when I return from town.
So, at this point we will plan to meet at our usual dock. It would be a good idea for incoming guests to call camp Friday evening. The numbers are 807-727-0439 and 727-2730. You can also always find out if there has been a change in dock plans by asking at Red Lake Marine.
If we do end up using the Government Dock it is found by turning right at the traffic light and going to the turnaround at the end of the street. The turnaround is the Government Dock. There is no parking for vehicles there so it would mean driving back to Red Lake Marine to park.
There are no wagons at the Government Dock so this will mean all luggage will need to be carried out to the dock.
Due to the rainy weather I would suggest not unpacking your vehicle until the Lickety Split has docked. This holds true whether we use our regular dock at Red Lake Marine or the Government Dock.
We can also expect that our pickup times are going to be later than normal as it will take longer to load and unload the boat.
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