Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yes, we provide life jackets

I've had several questions about whether we provide life jackets.
Yes! We do!
So if you don't want to bring a life jacket, you can use ours.
This confusion comes from a recent blog where I stated the most important gear a fisherman should bring is a life vest and excellent quality raingear.
However, if you are more apt to wear a life vest because you've picked one out at the sporting goods store that fits your build and has features that you will use, then why wouldn't you spend the $30 to bring it? After all, it is only going to save your life!
The average fishermen probably brings at least $1,000 of fishing equipment, including depth finders, rods, reels and lures -- none of which will save them if they are flung overboard.
Our life vests will also save your life, but not if that are laying on the bottom of the boat which is where too many people leave them. They are the popular, comfortable, vest types, not the orange neck collar ones which really are uncomfortable. Still lots of people don't wear them because they bind them in the middle or chafe them or make them sweat. I suspect they really don't wear them because they think wearing a life vest is for sissies or some other nonsense.
If you are not going to wear a life vest anyway, you might as well not wear ours, I guess.
They are required by law to be in the boat but you are not required to wear them. That's about as useful as requiring cars to have seat belts but not requiring its occupants to strap them on.

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