Thursday, July 23, 2009

The weather and the fishing

Just about all areas in the center of North America are experiencing a cooler-than-normal summer this year.
The same holds true here at Bow Narrows Camp.
Temperatures have been decidedly pleasant: daytime highs in the low 70s and nightimes nice and cool for great sleeping.
But it's different than normal and consequently the fishing is also different.
The biggest effect has been that the fish are not stratified by depth.
Instead of all the walleyes being found at a particular depth and water temperature, they are scattered throughout the water column.
We've had walleyes caught at 40 feet and at two feet on the same day.
This means fishermen need to cover more area to connect with fish. They are still catching lots of them but just not all in one place like they normally would.
Northern pike are biting quite well but fishing for them is more of a challenge this year because the cool temps and high water conditions has meant most weedbeds are not yet visible.
There are no magic lures or baits to report this summer.
Mepps #5 spinners have probably been mentioned the most by pike anglers.
Walleyes are biting any kind of live bait: minnows, leeches or worms.
Hardly anyone has mentioned Gulp Alive this summer. Last year it was all the rage.
Lots of walleyes being caught on crankbaits too. Since the fish are so scattered, trolling with a crankbait and covering lots of water isn't a bad idea.
I would like to emphasize once again that the best time to fish for all species is still probably from noon to 5 p.m. All too often I notice that almost every boat is tied to the dock for several hours after lunch and that everyone then fishes after supper until dark.
I know old habits die hard but you really ought to be on the water for the 2 p.m. bite. Evening is a lovely time to be out in the boat but it's not the best time to catch fish. If you want to extend your fishing day, get up at dawn. The fish are biting.
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