Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birds of all feathers in great abundance

This summer is for the birds, literally.

I'm not sure why but the woods and waters have been full of our feathered friends this season.

The yard here at camp is home to dozens of species of songbirds, from hummingbirds to flickers to tree-nesting ducks like goldeneyes.

There was even an immature bald eagle perched atop the biggest spruce by the lodge yesterday. Eagles are common here but it's unusual for one to sit on a tree right in camp.

Out on the lake there are eagles soaring over or perched around just about every bay.

It's a treat to see them jousting for food where we put the fish guts on an island.

First come the gulls, ringbilled and herring gulls, who will just about land on you while you are emptying the fish gut pails. By the time the boat is 30 feet from the island the eagles come swooping in and the gulls split for safer quarters.

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