Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Major cold front slows fishing

The temperature this week fell to the 40s from near 80 last week and that really slowed down the fishing.
Fortunately everyone this week is fishing for northern pike which are less susceptible to temperature changes than are walleyes.
But it has been tough fishing for pike too. We did have one 40-incher caught and released as well as many slot sizers.
Along with the cold weather came rain and high winds from the north. It's not the best for being out on the lake.
Warmer temps and sunnier times are in the offing with near-normal conditions returning in the next few days.
This experience should reinforce our advice to fishermen on what to bring to camp.
Number one is a comfortable life jacket and the second most important piece of fishing gear is excellent raingear, including rubber boots.
Finally a good rod and reel and some lures are handy!
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