Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Four generations; dress warm; telephone

Here's a first for Bow Narrows Camp: four generations of anglers!
That's long-time Bow Narrows angler and hunter Charlie Morrison on the right and his son Bob, also a long-time guest here. At bottom right is Charlie's great granddaughter Branejha, age 6, and at left is Bob's step granddaughter Veda, age 4.
The 44-inch northern pike was actually caught and reeled in by Branejha. At 44 inches it is only two inches shorter than she is and is one inch longer than Veda who caught and reeled in a 42 incher herself a day earlier.
Fishing is very good but the weather remains cool and wet. Make sure you bring excellent raingear and warm clothes.
Also if trying to phone camp, only one of our telephones is functioning: 807-727-2730. If you get no answer try again immediately. Our second number might be up and running in a week or so if Thunder Bay Telephone would ever send us our new digital bag phone.
Incidentally your cell phones might now work at camp or from your fishing boat.
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