Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great photos come from more than just fish

This summer when we are at camp we could all take a tip from a great group of anglers that generously provide me with their photos each year.

This is the Lehmann-Olaskowitz-Heneise-Jeffery-etc. group (Sorry if I don't mention everybody).

These guys always get some unusual shots that the rest of us never think to take, like this photo of two River Jewelwing damselflies (I think).

Just as there is more to a fishing trip than just catching fish, our photos should be of more than just people holding lunkers.

It's great to look back the next winter at shots of fishing lures that have taken a beating, flowers that graced the edge of a waterway, scenery that changes with the light conditions, boats skimming across the waves, itsy-bitsy fish that somehow got on our hooks, strange fish like suckers and tulibees, action photos of fishing rather than after the fact, critter shots of all the birds and animals we encounter, scenes around the little town of Red Lake, the boat trip to camp, inside the cabin and the lodge and of course, most importantly, photos of our buddies and families.

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Anonymous said...

I can't agree more!
before I went digital, I used to shoot
five rolls of 35mm film each year!

Dan B. said...

Good point. Most digital cameras allow us to take many hundreds of shots; so, there's no longer any worry about running out of film!
Snap away!
Dan B.