Monday, April 20, 2009

Encouraging report on Red Lake ice

Check out yesterday's (Sunday, April 19) blog of Enid Carlson, from Viking Island Lodge and Outposts for some encouragement on spring ice-out on Red Lake.
Last week's beautiful weather really did a number on the ice of Red Lake.
The same cannot be said down here near Thunder Bay.
We got six more inches of snow last night in Nolalu and it may continue snowing for another day.
That will set back spring ice-out in this area for many days if not a week or more.
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1 comment:

Greg Gullion said...

Kinda sounds like it has been a long winter. Down here in Alabama it's all green and warm. Make me get that Spring craving for the lakes. I began coming to Red Lake about 23 years ago. Every spring since I just about can't take it if I don't get up there. It is truly a Call to the Wild. Maybe the ice will go early. Greg