Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's a blog and how do you use it?

This blog now contains nearly 100 articles on how to catch fish, outdoor experiences, and much more information to do with a trip to Bow Narrows Camp and for that matter, any place in Northern Canada.
A blog is short for web log. It's an on-line account that can be added to and subtracted from at any time.
I've been writing this one for three years now and just about every posting or article I have written is still available even though only the latest 20 postings can be seen by scrolling down.
There are several ways to access the rest.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog you'll see a button labelled "Older Posts." Click on that and you get the next 20 postings.
Another method is to click on the various years and months under "Blog Archive" found at the far right of this page. Each month will show the titles of all the blogs for that month.
Finally, you can go to the extreme top of this page and do a search for certain subjects. It will bring up all the postings in the blog that had to do with that subject.
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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed you blog for over a year. I started to read the blog in preperation to a trip my son and I planned to take to the area last summer. I have continued to read the blog over the winter and find out that Canada does not shut down in Septemeber and reopens in May. Your insights into fishing tips and the outdoor experience have hepled me keep my spirits up while struggling the winter in the lower 48.

I especially enjoy your tips on northern and walleye fishing. The tips contain information that fishermen can really use rather than trying to sell lures or gear. Base on you recent article on white fish, I may have to try to go after them on my next trip.

One of the topics I am curious about and would like to hear more is the gold exploration just north of your camp. I look at the Hylakes web page for information, but it is limited and dated. I especially enjoy that the current work connects to the unfinished work of the 1930's. Can you provide more information on what is going on with the gold exploration?

Thanks and keep it up


Dan said...

Thanks for the encouragement!
I don't know much about Hy Lakes other than according to their website they are drilling at some old mine properties north and east of Pipestone Bay.