Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are there other lakes to fish besides Red Lake?

Mike Chalfant portaging
Fishing on Red Lake, Ontario, is some of the best in the world for walleye and northern pike as well as lake trout.

It's a big lake but because of its layout -- sort of like a chain of lakes -- is easy to navigate. Big lakes produce lots of big fish because there is an almost endless supply of food available.

So for that reason we don't bother to portage to adjacent smaller lakes.

However, there is one lake found right on the peninsula that camp is located that many people enjoy carrying our lightweight canoe into. This is Bridget Lake and the trail to it is about 400 metres long.

The lake contains only two species of fish: northern pike and whitefish.

Incredibly this little lake is over 100 feet deep. You would think such a deep lake would harbor lake trout but there are none there. I suspect that the high rock walls around the lake prevent the wind from aerating the water and thus it has too low of oxygen content to support lake trout.

It's a beautiful walk and a beautiful lake. Portaging to it can be a fun adventure and sometimes you can get some nice northern pike there.

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