Saturday, January 24, 2009

More strange fish of Red Lake, Ontario

rock bass
Marge with redhorse sucker

Once in awhile Bow Narrows Camp anglers are astounded to pull in some unexpected catches.

In the bottom photo is a redhorse sucker caught by Bow Narrows Camp angler Marge Kastner. This is one of the two native sucker species in the lake, the other being the white sucker. It is a beautiful fish and can reach weights of 10 pounds or even more. They rarely bite but when they do can provide a thrilling fight as they frequently become airborne trying to dislodge the hook.

Like other suckers they are loaded with bones that pretty much make them unpalatable. The bones themselves are also especially sharp. I've heard of people who pressure canned them and this softens the bones.

The top photo shows a favorite with kids that fish around the dock -- a rock bass! These little panfish are found all over North America and usually not in great abundance anywhere.

If you can get a hook and a worm right beside the log cribbing on our docks you are certain to pull out one of these little guys. They're not good eating either but are great for kids to catch, especially because they can see the fish bite the hook!

Holding this specimen is our daughter-in-law April. That's our grandson Raven and his grandmother Gail Lowey who is holding our other grandson, Quillan.

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