Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gorgeous weather; pike biting again

The weather the last couple of weeks has been spectacular: highs in the mid 70s F (25 C) and dry.
Northern pike are largely back in their old haunts such as weedbeds as well as around rocky shoals. Slightly larger lures than usual seem to be working as well as the smaller lures. Try spoons about 3/4 ounce such as Little Cleo, Dardevle, Doctor, Red Eye, in gold colors and with orange or red stripes.
Be careful not to get too big with the stick baits. Six-to-seven-inch stick baits like Rapala, Rebel, etc. are great, especially for trolling. Huge baits either catch nothing or nothing but little fish.
The Blue Fox #5 spinner in red and orange is a standout. Mepps #5 is also good as well as spinner baits and buzz baits.
Walleyes are mostly in the 20-25-foot range and are still being taken on bottom bouncers and Little Joe spinners with either worms or leeches. Many people are still using the 3-inch Gulp Alive leeches. Minnows are not yet necessary.
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