Monday, July 21, 2008

Wet and Wild Walleye Fishing

This is the walleye year of the century!
Walleye fishing this summer is nothing less than spectacular.
We are catching walleyes in all areas of the lake, at every depth, using every kind of lure and technique imaginable.
Anglers are catching so many 26-27 inch walleyes they are growing tired of the sport and go looking for northern pike instead. And when they do they are catching as many walleyes casting pike lures as they are pike.
The weather has been extremely wet the last three weeks. Make sure everyone in your group has excellent quality rainwear and rubber boots. You don't want to miss any of this fishing because you are waiting in the cabin for a sunny day.
The wet weather has also prevented us from getting on the Internet and updating this blog. From what we can tell the soggy ground let water into the buried telephone wire from our microwave tower to the lodge. The phone works but the signal is of such poor quality that we were unable to connect to our dial-up server.
If you have an urgent message you need answered, phone us rather than e-mailing.
Getting back to the walleye fishing. The very best success is coming from anglers using walleye spinners and live bait, either leeches or nightcrawlers, and backtrolling in about 22 feet of water.
For northern pike, #5 Blue Fox Spinners in red and gold colors are great. The fish are much deeper than usual. They are probably 8 feet deep instead of the usual 3-4. This may be a function of the flooded conditions on the lake which is about two feet higher than normal.
Rattle Traps and Rattlin Raps that dig down 6-feet or so on the retrieve are working good.
The weather seems to be changing of late and hopefully I will be able to update the blog more often as things dry up.
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Northern Pike are on the rocks

Almost everybody in camp this week are fishing for northern pike.
For some reason, most of the fish being taken are coming from rocky shores with boulders and near deep water.
The exception was a 42-inch pike taken on a top-water lure right across from camp one evening.
Little Cleo and Len Thompson spoons about 2 inches long, #4 and #5 Mepps, 3/8 ounce jigs with 4-inch plastic twister tails and 5-6 inch stick baits like Rebel and Rapala are doing the trick.
Some anglers are catching up to 60 pike a day with many of these in the slot size or larger.
Although no one is fishing for walleyes, many are being caught while fishing for northern pike.
For walleyes, back troll walleye spinners with worms or leeches. Walleyes are still in the shallow areas but probably some are now in 16-feet of water around the edges of the big water too.
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