Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stunningly beautiful fishing weather arrives!

One week into the fishing season and our normal gorgeous spring weather has arrived!
It was T-shirt weather here yesterday afternoon and as I live and breathe, there was a mockingbird flying about the camp! It's the first mockingbird I have ever seen here and I hope it's a harbinger of a beautiful summer.
Speaking of birds, loons are nesting everywhere and their haunting calls fill the air throughout the days.
There are many bald eagles flying up and down the narrows in front of camp and there is a new eagle nest built at the "Falls."
As the ice was melting we saw a flock of about 30 black-headed Bonaparte's gulls sitting on the edge of the ice sheet.
White-throated sparrows are calling each morning and evening from the brush; pileated woodpeckers have made a new hole in a large aspen in front of Cabin 9, and previous holes by these huge woodpeckers around the cabin are filled with hooded merganser ducks, common mergansers, red-breasted mergansers and goldeneyes.
One of our young staffers went fishing in front of camp yesterday evening and caught a 35-inch lake trout, probably 16-18 pounds. It was only Meghan's second fish, the other being a white sucker. She released the big fish as required by law for Red Lake.
Our guests are picking up walleyes regularly now but the real action is coming from the big northern pike and the lake trout which are biting very well.
Since I'm connecting to the Internet via a radio telephone which has an exceptionally slow speed, I'm unable to include photos of what's going on. So, you'll just need to use your imagination.

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