Friday, May 30, 2008

Red Lake Walleye Spawn Mostly Finished

Anglers at Bow Narrows Camp on Red Lake in Northwestern Ontario are catching walleyes now that have already spawned.
Walleyes are showing up in everybody's catch and when we clean them they are empty of eggs.
This is good news as walleyes bite the best after spawning.
We're also catching some smaller walleyes as well as the big trophies. This is also good news as it allows us to have meals of eating-size fish. In the past few years it has been hard to find anything but 24-inch-plus fish until mid-summer.
The weather has been beautiful and anglers are still catching lots and lots of big northern pike, both on dead bait and artificials.
One of our groups caught a large number of big pike yesterday on Sluggo plastic baits.
Lake trout are still being caught right on the surface but with the warming water temperatures they will soon be found in slightly deeper water.
Overall fishing has been excellent.

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