Sunday, September 18, 2016

It was a tremendous season for fishing

Mike and Lonnie Boyer in August
We're in our final week of the season and that's a good thing because Brenda and I are absolutely whipped. That comes from being busy the whole year.
Looking back it was one of our best ever for fishing. It's hard to explain but walleye fishing has been getting better every year for probably a decade. It's not uncommon for a boat to catch dozens and dozens on every outing. It started out that way in late May and it continues right to the present.
There are hordes of 14-to-16-inch sizes. In my opinion, that is probably the perfect walleye for eating. The fillet is thin enough that the entire thing cooks evenly and a single fish is just about right for one person. The record for numbers of this size came in June when two boats caught 200 in a single hour. The fish were biting so ferociously that the anglers were catching them on bare jigs. No bait or plastic whatsoever.
But there were lots of lunker walleye caught as well. Biggest I heard about was 30 inches. A common big size was 25 inches.
The future of walleye fishing looks golden with the large variety of sizes being caught.


Dennis Sheble said...

200 in an hour? Good fish story. Do the math!

Dan Baughman said...

OK. 200 fish divided by four people equals 50 fish per person per hour or slightly more than a fish a minute. You think that is impossible?

Dennis Sheble said...

Fishing Red Lake for 40 years I think it would be highly unlikely. Maybe just a little bit of a fish story. Of course Dan maybe some of the fish jumped into the boat also 😜