Sunday, April 10, 2016

Other 'fishermen' you see out on the lake

Bald eagle snatches fish from the surface. Jerry Olaskowitz photo.
Red Lake, Ontario, has a lot of bald eagles. In fact, it sometimes seems that there is an eagle perched on a tall tree or broad limb in every bay.
We know of about six eagle nests at the west end of Red Lake where camp is located but judging from the numbers of eagle pairs, there must be many more. The big raptors are territorial so you don't find one nest near another.
Their diet is mostly composed of fish. Their favourite method of hunting is to watch from a perch for a fish to come near the surface, then swoop down and sink their big, needle-sharp talons into it and carry it away. If there are still young in the nest, they will haul the fish back there. Otherwise they will usually take it to an exposed rock on the shoreline where they rip it open and devour it.
Our guests get great photographs of eagles, usually perched majestically on some snag. It is rare to actually capture them in the act of fishing as Bow Narrows angler Jerry Olaskowitz did in the photo above.
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