Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hang in there

Electric hoist takes work out of outboard changes

Rechargeable winch is used to put outboard onto motor rack
One of the best ideas we ever had at camp was to install this electric hoist at the boathouse. It takes all of the grunt work out of outboard motor changes.
Four-stroke outboards, like our Honda 20s, are especially difficult to put on or take off by hand. The bulbous power head makes it impossible to get a handhold in the right position. It's a snap with the the hoist, however. The motors weigh a little shy of 100 pounds each.
The electric hoist is suspended from a barn door track. Once the outboard is lifted, we just slide it back over the dock and then lower it. The motor isn't difficult to "walk" along the dock from an upright position.
Once inside the motor shed, I use a battery-powered winch to lift the outboard onto our motor stand. The battery winch is rechargeable and is so portable I use it for everything all around camp -- tipping boats over by myself onto the ground for winter, winching leaning trees that I am cutting down, pulling boat ramps up for the winter -- all sorts of things.
These two devices are sure back-savers.

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Dan Baughman said...

Here's an interesting fact. If you look on the outside wall of the motor house, beyond the winch, you will see a circular sign showing camp is a member of NOTO -- Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters. My dad got that sign back in the '60s when he joined the organization. Today Brenda is the president of NOTO, the organization that represents the outdoor tourism industry in Ontario.