Sunday, January 10, 2016

Granddaughter's first fishing trip is a stunner

Tom, Nick, Sofia and Matt Talarico with Sofia's 47.5-inch lunker
Long-time Red Lake angler Tom Talarico hoped his grandkids, Sofia and Nick, would catch some fish on their first fishing trip to Red Lake. They came to Bow Narrows Camp last June along with their mom, Anna, dad, Matt, and grandmother, Jeanne.
They were fishing very close to camp one day when Sofia latched onto this incredible 47.5-inch northern pike. It put up a thrilling fight, even getting wrapped up in a log at one point. But they eventually got it in and ran it back to camp in Tom's boat livewell so mother and grandmother could see before releasing it off the dock unharmed.
"I have not caught a pike that big in the 30-plus years that I have been coming up to Red Lake," said grandpa Tom. "I have caught some monsters but not that big."

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Doug Billings said...

What a great family. I have been fortunate enough to attend the same week as Tom these past years, and it was fun hearing his family's tales of their daily adventures last June, while dining in the lodge each evening.

I can relate to Tom's statement: My son joined me for his first trip a few years back. I set up his first rig for walleye and he caught a monster pike within our first twenty seconds of fishing for the week. In fact, I hadn't even started fishing yet. I have been fishing in Ontario for years and have yet to catch anything close to the size of that fish.

I guess I will keep on showing up in my attempt to top his feat! Ha! If it's any consolation, to this day, the lad thinks I knew what I was doing when he caught the thing that day! I guess I will let him go on thinking that...

Doug Billings
West Tennessee

Dan Baughman said...

When our kids or grandkids catch a whopper they are thrilled but they'll never know how absolutely ectastic their parents or grandparents were until they have kids themselves. But one thing we have learned during our years at Bow Narrows is that whether the kids caught big fish or not, the thing they will always remember is just being with their parents and grandparents on the trip.