Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Grandparents, grandkids and fishing trips

Jackson with his Grampy, Mike Taylor. Jackson caught this 26-inch pike right off the dock.

Anybody can catch a fish, Jackson seems to tell Cork. But how many can make it levitate?
Lots of kids are coming with their grandparents to camp these days.  It's a great way for them to spend time together, to introduce the youngsters to the great outdoors, and for the grandparents to pass on some of their knowledge and experience about fishing, wildlife and the bush.
But sometimes the anticipation of the trip can be just too exciting.
So when grandpa Mike Taylor of Riverglade, New Brunswick, and son-in-law Charles McLong, planned to bring Jackson, 7, up to Bow Narrows last summer, they thought it best not to let him know about it too far in advance. In fact, Charles got Jackson up at 4 in the morning to head over to Mike and Jennifer's house for what Jackson thought was going to be a day fishing locally. When they got to the grandparents, Jackson learned that actually they were going to head immediately for the airport in Moncton, and then on to Red Lake, Ontario! They wouldn't get back for nine days!
Jackson was just about speechless but then, who wouldn't have been?
Jennifer recorded the whole event and posted the video on our Facebook page, something I started a couple of years ago and haven't continued. (Oops!) You can see her video by going there or, maybe, by clicking on this link.

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Carrie McLong said...

Such an awesome experience! Jackson talks about this trip all the time and will be for the rest of his life, I'm sure! He had an absolute blast! Thank you!