Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scene is set for normal ice-out on Red Lake

This spectacular shot of a loon is by Dave Myers who will be in camp opening week.
In only a month we may be watching loons again on Red Lake. Although the weather has been nippy the last few days, the forecast for the next two weeks looks wonderful with highs in the mid-teens C (50s F). That should take off the remaining snow and seriously damage the 30 inches of ice still on the lake.
We have our fingers crossed.
Ice-out was exceptionally late the previous two springs, coming near May 20. Normally the ice would be off the lake by May 8.
Late breakups are bad for spring fish spawners like walleye and northern pike. They do best with early ice-outs and then lots of warm weather. Getting a late start is also miserable for all fishing camps but especially so for remote ones like ourselves. It means none of the work we needed to do before camp opens gets done. Once fishermen are in camp we all have our hands full until things quiet down again. That often means September or even October.
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