Friday, July 18, 2014

Wild temperature swings confusing the fish

This past week saw temperatures that ranged from 8 C to 28 C, about 48 F to 90 F. There was also plenty of high wind, first from the south, then from the north, then south again.
Perhaps for this reason the walleye were more difficult to find than other weeks this season. Most anglers report the fish to be scattered across all depths, from 28 feet to six feet.
Northern pike fishing made up for some of the downturn in walleyes. In particular, lots of pike just under the slot size were caught, perfect for home or the fry-pan here at camp.
We're not out of the weather mood swings yet. The last couple days were 24, 26 and 28 C and tomorrow it is supposed to be 14 C. The wind today is howling from the south but you can bet it will be back to the north Saturday or Sunday.

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