Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How a camp operator attends tourism meetings

Brenda is on the board of a couple of provincial tourism groups including Tourism Northern Ontario which has monthly meetings, usually by teleconference. She is a representative for camp operators and this photo is a good example of how busy a camp operator is in the summertime.
Brenda has the meeting on the speakerphone while she peels potatoes for lunch.
We simply don't have time just for talking, unless it can be done while we accomplish something else at the same time. My longest conversation with Brenda is when I talk to her on the phone from town to get her grocery order.
We've always said that if one of us dies during the summer, we'll just chuck the dead person in the freezer until the end of the season.
We're just kidding of course. We can't spare the freezer space.

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