Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dead moose is finally being eaten

A leg and ribcage is all that's left. Photo by Lonnie Boyer
Nothing goes to waste in the outdoors but the critters who would have liked to eat this dead moose have been stumped all season by the fact it was floating in the water. Our anglers reported finding the moose floating first thing this spring. It was still there last week.
Now today Mike and Lonnie Boyer found where the moose has been dragged up on shore and mostly consumed. Black bears are the most likely scavenger but it also isn't impossible that a wolverine could have dragged the moose.
Once a big animal has ripped open the hide, which can be up to 3/4-inch thick in places, vultures, eagles and ravens will clean everything up.
This moose most likely fell through the ice this spring. Had it occurred during the winter, some carnivore, especially wolves, would have devoured him on the ice for sure.

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