Friday, July 11, 2014

Better bring these for the mosquitoes

The summer so far has been cool and cloudy -- perfect weather for mosquitoes -- and there is a good crop out there.
These three items are excellent at making your stay bite-free.
The blue-top Deep Woods Sportsman's Off (don't get the green-top; it's not so good), not only keeps mosquitoes away but ankle biter flies as well. In fact, it is the only aerosol spray to do so.
To rid your cabin of mosquitoes at night, close the windows and door and give a brief puff of Raid at the ceiling in the corners of each room and one in the center. Wait five minutes and then re-open the windows. Every mosquito will be dead.
The Thermacell is a great invention for keeping skeeters away from you whenever you are sitting still, like on the porch. It also works in the boat but it works best where there is little wind.

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