Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Update on Cork, our chocolate Lab puppy

Cork among the dandelions. Photo by Herb Pozdro
Cork takes a break on the path outside the lodge
It's a good thing we have so many patient, kindly guests because our six-month-old chocolate Lab Cork is keeping everybody on their toes. Obviously, lots of these folks are "dog-people."
Set anything down and away it goes in Cork's mouth: fish gloves, rags, kindling, worm boxes, boat scoops, water bottles,  beer bottles, charcoal lighter, tools, papers and cardboard -- well, you get the idea. One group even had a full bottle of whisky taken (our outside worker, Brad Donovan, got it back.)
All in all though, Cork is starting to fit in as a camp dog. The scenes above aren't typical for him yet but there are more and more times when he isn't running and jumping and barking excitedly.
He has fallen off the dock repeatedly and has just decided he likes to go for boat rides, especially to empty the fish guts. That was a favourite pastime for our previous dogs too.
Incidentally, on Tuesday we saw a white pelican near the fish gut rock. That is only the fourth time I have seen these magnificent birds that can have wingspans of 114 inches. I believe only the California condor has a larger wingspan in North America.
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