Saturday, May 17, 2014

We're in camp: lots of ice

Me, Amanda Wellman, Brad Donovan, Sophie Kurucz

Lots of ice and it is snowing

Just enough room to land in narrows upstream of camp
Sadler Bay was the most clear of any bay on the lake
Eastern entrance to West Narrows. Trapper's cabin at left
We flew into camp late Wednesday afternoon with Viking Outpost floatplanes. There was enough room to land in the narrows; Sadler Bay was mostly clear of ice, but just about every place else was frozen. The high on Wednesday was 3 C or about 35 F!
The first two nights the narrows refroze and took until 10 a.m. to thaw again. It was below freezing last night too but the narrows didn't freeze.
This morning there are ice pans floating by camp.
We are all noticing how long it is taking for little bits of ice floating in the narrows to melt. Normally these would be gone in hours. This year they float there for days.
Thursday and Friday were both sunny and warm and that really helped open up the narrows. As of yesterday there was still ice in Middle Bay and even in front of camp.
We really need some wind to break the ice up. It has been very still.
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