Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Red Lake 2014 ice-out countdown begins

With the arrival of April, the countdown for ice-out on Red Lake, Ontario and everywhere else in Northwestern Ontario begins.
Nothing that happened last winter will make a bit of difference. The severe cold, the deep snow -- all meaningless. What matters is the weather from here to the opening of fishing season May 17.
If temperatures are near-normal and there are the usual number of sunny days then Red Lake's ice-out should take place within a week or so of May 8.
Don Aitkin, owner of Red Lake Marine reported today that there is two feet of snow and probably 40 inches of ice. The weather forecast is for normal temps so the outlook is promising.


Anonymous said...

Dan, 44 days and counting. See you on May 16th.

Jeffery Codner said...

Be sure to keep us posted on any updates! I am planning on coming up there the second week of June. My family has a cabin on McKenzie. I read your blog almost religiously and appreciate the work you put into it. Excellent work and thank you!