Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Summer, glorious summer! Please hurry!

Beautiful sunsets at the end of beautiful days. Brenda Cieplik photo
Red Lake and the rest of Northwestern Ontario can boast having the most wonderful summers in the world. Warm temperatures, rarely hot, soft breezes and day after day of sunshine -- this is what we all look forward to. Our summers are so incredible, in fact, that they make us forget about the other six months of the year!
Actually, many of us enjoy the winter months here too, normally, but this is not a normal winter. It is exceptionally wicked.
We're all starting to get cabin fever now. Deep snow, below-average temperatures and relentless winds are forcing us indoors. My snowshoe trails have filled in with the last two dumps of snow that each measured 12 inches. It's a chore just to keep the driveway open.
So, I'm looking ahead to camp opening, warmer temperatures, going fishing and swimming. This latter activity can be absolutely luxurious. There is just nothing as pleasant as bobbing along in fresh water that is usually near 80 F (28 C) if the weather has been warm and not too windy.
The main dock at camp is a good place for swimming. The water here is plenty deep for diving.
My favourite, though, is to take the dog to a sand beach. The water here is warmer and it's fun for the dog to explore among the driftwood. Lots of these places barely have any sand above the waterline. I just pull the boat up to shore and step over the side onto the sand bottom.
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