Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A continuous improvement program

Awning roofs let us remove all glass from lodge windows in warm weather

Cabin 7 shows off its spiffy shutters and new large porch
At Bow Narrows Camp we are relentless in our program to give our guests the best in accommodations and equipment while still offering an affordable vacation.
Sometimes our efforts aren't obvious, such as when we installed a state-of-the-art water treatment plant five years ago. This system provides crystal-clear, great-tasting, safe drinking water to every faucet in camp. We believe it is the best water in the world.
A huge project, the biggest in our 53-year history, was the installation of a sewage treatment system four years ago that is light years more advanced and effective than conventional sewage treatment. Our system processes all our sewage through Eco-Flo peat moss filtration tanks before injecting it into the soil. Laboratory tests show our system is so excellent that our final effluent, before it is even put back in the ground, is nearly as pristine as the lake.
More visible to most people will be the decorative shutters we have added to all the cabins in camp. This two-year project was finished last fall.
We also constructed awning roofs to the lodge. These allow us to completely remove the glass from the dining room windows in warm weather without worrying about rain coming inside. With all the glass gone from the windows it is just like sitting in a giant screened porch and makes for a very enjoyable dining experience.
This coming season will mark the end of a three-year program to replace all the rolled roofing on buildings in camp with lifetime shingles. Only Cabins 3 and 4 remain to be done.
Then there are the remodeling projects to cabin interiors and other improvements. One such program in 2014 will see us purchasing 19 new top-of-the-line beds. We have been replacing all the beds in the cabins with the very best quality commercial-grade beds. These 19 beds will be the last of 46 in camp.
And then, as we mentioned in the previous blog, the program will shift to new boats, the first steps of which start this summer. After that? New docks to replace the crib docks, I suppose.
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