Thursday, October 24, 2013

Very sad news

It is with profound sorrow that I must pass on the news that our dog, Sam, has died.
It became evident this fall that something was wrong with his hind quarters but the exact cause could not be determined by the vets. The only way to see for sure was for him to have an MRI and the closest place in Canada to have that done was Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 14 hours away.
I drove there with Sam right from the vet's office and after two days of tests it was determined that he had cancer. We came back to camp and hurriedly closed for the season, arriving home this past Sunday. He died on Tuesday.
I know Sam will be missed by everyone at camp but no one more than myself. Sam was my near-constant companion and was the joy of my life. I am having difficulty going on without him.
He would have been 10 in January.


Kim Gross said...

Dan- I'm really sorry to hear the news about Sam. I'll miss him, too. It just won't seem the same next summer without him greeting us at the dock.

neil said...

Terribly sorry for your loss, Dan. As I posted when my beloved boxer, Roscoe, passed away last year...

"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's."- Mark Twain

Unknown said...

So sorry for your loss. Sam was a good dog and he will be missed by all that knew him.

Unknown said...

Sorry for your loass. Sam was a good dog and friend to you and everyone who came to camp. He will be missed by all.

Anonymous said...

Dan & Brenda,
We are so sorry to hear about Sammy. I know when we had to put down our chocolate lab because of cancer it was one of the hardest things to do. Remember not only did you love Sammy but everyone that meet him loved him too. - Dave & Nicole Pelle

Anonymous said...

Rick Elliott

I'm so very sorry Dan! 3 years ago on Sept. 16th I had my closest friend in the world leave us! She had cancer also! I sat with her for 2 months while she slowly went downhill! I still miss her terribly and think of her every single day! She was one of the family and will always be greatly missed!

As long as you remember Sam, he will always be with you! I hope soon I can be with my CocoPuff again!

Anonymous said...

I am extreley sorry for your loss. Sam was a great dog and I always looked forward to seeing him when I came to camp! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

Tony Odenweller

Larry Pons said...

To Sam, Thanks for your all is right with the world greetings,your tail wags, your excited hip shuffle and the smile and joy you brought me and other guests every time we saw you. Sam you are a great Dog!! and will always be at camp when I think of Bow Narrows or I am at camp.
To Dan and Brenda, My sincere sympathy for the loss of SAM. Dogs who are happy family members give UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and SAM was an expert at that.
Larry Pons

Richard Hlavek said...

Having lost Gus, a 12 year old Lab, 4 years ago, I know what you are feeling. I still think of him daily. Too bad our best friends don't live as long as our Human ones. Sam lived with you in the best place in the world. He was lucky to have you and you to have him. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how our pets can become such an important part of our lives. So sorry for you loss, Dan. I remember Sam as your constant companion and friend. I am sure all who met him at camp befriended him.

Doug Billings said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss. A piece of you went with him, and he will always be in you. It's a tough loss for sure. Sam was one of those "special ones" we hope to be blessed with in our lives. My best wishes to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Brenda,
My heart goes out to you with the loss of Sam. He was a wonderful friend, companion, family member. I know that you will treasure your memories of him as will the rest of us.
Mike O'Brien

Bruce Pierce said...

Dan......I know what you are going through. Losing a dear friend like that is Very hard to deal with. When I lost my hunting took a lot out of me. I hope you find another Good friend like him when the time is right.

My condolences

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Sam, Dan. He was a joy to see when we'd return to camp. He will be missed but never forgotten. So long Sam.- Dave Dvorak.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Brenda,
So sorry to hear about Sam. I haven't been on your blog for a while and I just read it today. It sure doesn't seem like he was 10 years old already. I remember when he was a pup. He used to steal things from our boats. Such a mischief maker. He will be missed.

Shoe II said...

Dan and Brenda, We are so very sorry to hear of Sam's passing. Jay and I will miss him dearly. Our hearts go out to you.


Jeff Barg said...

Dan and Brenda,
I send you my sincere condolences on you're great loss! Simply said, Sam was awesome!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, as I hope the pain of you're loss can soon be replaced with the great memories and joy that Sam brought not only to you, but everyone that was lucky enough to meet him. Thanks to his wonderful owners, Sam got to see and do more things, than many people, ever get the chance to experience. He got to live his days in a place that is truly like heaven on earth! Bow Narrows Camp!!
Jeff Barg

Jim Meyer said...

Dan, I was just checking availability for next year, reading the blogs and saw that Sam has passed. I am deeply sorry. Sam was a great dog and he will be missed by all who met him. Time can only ease the pain of this loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Dan Baughman said...

Brenda and I are so touched by the outpouring of sympathy we have received through these comments on the blog, e-mails and cards. It has been as if everyone was giving us a hug.
Sam obviously had a great many friends, as do we.
We buried Sam alongside our other two great Labradors, Lady and Bud. When my time comes I hope to have my ashes spread in the same place. These three dogs taught me a great deal but Sam especially, maybe it just seems that way now because he was here the most recent.
Sam taught me to live in the moment, always be kind and the absolutely wonderful feeling you can get from sleeping in the winter sunshine.
Sam was the most gentle soul imaginable. He never hurt another thing, not even a mouse. Our dog Bud was the same except he accidentally stepped on a mouse one time and killed it. He brought it to me out in the field and with sad eyes and bent head walked home.
Sam was so gentle that he would lie perfectly still and let deer walk within a few yards of him. His only nemesis was the fox. Sam would charge after this canine cousin while barking ferociously. The fox would flee but as soon as he saw Sam turn back, would either sit down to watch him go or would follow him back toward the house.
Foxes did the same thing with Bud. They obviously knew there was a big dog in our house; they saw him here everyday. That's why I think one was trying to make friends when one day he buried a half-eaten ruffed grouse in a snow drift alongside our driveway, right in front of the house. I think he was saying, "You know, you're alright!"
As one of our friends and guests pointed out, Sam was a noble dog.
It has been my great fortune to have known a few of these wonderful creatures.