Monday, September 2, 2013

Deepwater fishermen are successful too

Jerime Williams with 35-inch laker

Jason Williams with beautiful 28-incher, quite a young fish

Jared Williams with large whitefish
We're often asked if people still catch lake trout -- they do and here's proof. These three anglers caught and released several lake trout (all trout caught in Red Lake must be released). Young angler Jared Williams also caught and kept a dandy whitefish. He was fishing with his dad, Jerime, and uncle, Jason.
We always ask our anglers if they noticed if any of the trout they caught and released were missing a fin. That would indicate it had come from the restocking effort by the Ministry of Natural Resources. So far, no one at our camp has caught a trout with a clipped fin. However we are catching more and more trout each year, all of them the result of natural spawning.
The Williamses were in camp around the first of August when bizarre cold weather sent walleyes streaming to deep water and lake trout came toward the surface. The lake must have "turned over," something that normally happens in late September. Within a couple of weeks everything returned to normal. The last week of August was the hottest all summer.
Now, the beginning of September, temperatures are more or less normal with daytime highs about 20-25 C (70-75 F) and cool nights.
Fishing is still excellent with plenty of walleye and northern pike caught.
Jason with a very heft 34-incher
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