Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wish you were here

Tennessee's Hunter Billings and Hannah Bradley show off a 39-inch northern pike that had grabbed a small fish Hunter was reeling in yesterday.The big fish just wouldn't let go and both fish were netted. The big job was released after a few quick pics.
We are so busy I simply don't have time to write on the blog. In short, the fishing is fantastic, especially for walleye. Our anglers are catching unprecedented numbers of walleye. The most I've heard is 350 for a single boat in one day. There not only are lots of walleye, there are lots of big ones as well. Just about everybody is getting a bunch in the 25-inch range.
Virtually all of these fish are released unharmed. Most people just keep one "eater" a day for lunch and a couple of "eaters" the last day of the week to take home.
The weather has been spectacular with temperatures in the low 70s F and no rain to speak of.
If you ever wanted to come to Bow Narrows Camp fishing, come this summer!

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