Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Geotagging puts angler's fish on the map

Each dot represents a GPS waypoint, taken automatically
Bow Narrows angler Tate Lundy passes along this map showing his GPS track for one of his trips to camp.
I'll let Tate explain:
"This one was a day's worth of data for 2009.  I keep my GPS running all day and it periodically takes readings of my position and stores them in a track.  If I synchronize my camera with my GPS clock, then I can use this data to Geotag my photos (there is free software that does it automatically).  Then I can view several years of fish photos on a map to see where I have been catching the "photo-worthy" fish."
I'm really impressed with the detail of the map, even without the geotagging!
Bow Narrows Camp is located right where the name "Phillips" is in Phillips Channel.
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Doug Billings said...

That is too cool!