Thursday, March 21, 2013

This was the first day of spring?

March 20, 2013
Sam and I were out searching for signs of spring yesterday, the official first day of the season. We didn't find a thing.
With temperatures well below freezing, high winds that made it feel even colder, and a fresh snowfall, it felt like anything but spring.
Still, the long-range forecast is for warmer-than-normal temps in April, May, and the rest of the summer.
That would make sense since this is also the peak of the 11-year cycle for solar activity. Traditionally, that year is the decade's hottest.
I hope that comes true because I love being at camp during a hot summer. For one thing, it just never gets that hot up here. The humidity is extremely low and it feels great.
If you do get too warm, jump in the lake. It's wonderful.
Oh yeah, the fishing is usually spectacular!
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Dan B. said...

Hi Tom,
I got your e-mail but your return address is apparently incorrect.
Anyway, thanks for the kind comments about the blog. Say hi to Harry and Alice when you see them and best of luck opening week.