Saturday, March 2, 2013

Excellent casting lures by Live Target

Live Target perch crankbait
Live Target makes a wonderful perch crankbait that will catch just about everything in Red Lake.
For the first couple of years that our outside worker Ben Godin worked for us he only took one lure when he went fishing: the Live Target medium perch.
He caught pike, walleye, lake trout, and I believe, even whitefish, on it.
This lure comes in many sizes and lip sizes but if I remember correctly, Ben only used the YP98M, a 3 5/8-inch version that dives 3-5-feet deep.
It also comes in a shallow diver that dips 1-2 feet and a deep diver that goes 7-10.
Ben always cast this lure and it outperformed every other lure that others in the boat were using.
In flatwater conditions, Ben also used another Live Target bait when pike fishing, a surface lure called the Walking Frog.
Walking frog's treble hooks make this a standout surface bait for northern pike
This lure must be jerked and twitched to simulate a frog swimming. It was terrific.
What I like especially about it is that it has treble hooks, not the inverted double hook found on so many top water lures. Pike just do not get hooked on upturned hooks.
Ben's favorite was the FFW105T size which is 4 1/2 inches long and weighs 5/8 oz.
Pike frequently become airborne when attacking the walking frog, making for thrilling fishing action.
Spin double hooks downward to catch pike on Field Mouse
Pike also like to hit mouse surface lures and although I haven't tried it, I would bet that the Live Target Field Mouse would work well. However, it has the upturned double hooks, so you will need to spin the lure around making the hooks point downwards. Forget about surface lures needing to be weedless; they don't. You need not cast these right into a weed mat; just nearby weeds and logs and in generally shallow water.
Give your rod tip a jerk, reel up the slack and repeat. If a fish boils after the lure and misses, wait a few seconds and start the process over. Lots of times a pike will make three or four attempts on a single cast.
Live Target lures tend to be pricier than others but they are all premium quality and probably worth the extra cost.
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