Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This would go great on these bitter cold nights

If you haven't been to Bow Narrows Camp before, you are in for a taste treat on your first trip here -- a slice of Bow Narrows' famous Mile-High lemon meringue pie and hot coffee!
Bow Narrows angler Doug Billings thought highly enough about the two to take their picture!
They would taste great on these cold winter nights too. It was -34 C in Nolalu this morning. That's about 30 below F.
If there's anything the slightest the matter with your vehicle, it will become evident in these temps. Low batteries become dead batteries. Low tires become flat tires. Doors won't latch. Tailgates won't close. Seats feel like they were made of concrete. Transmissions won't shift. If your car needed a tune-up before, it won't run at all now.
The exhaust of vehicles hangs in the air long after the vehicle has moved away, obscuring your vision at major intersections. Your miles per gallon are cut in half.
On the other hand, traction on snow is excellent. It's almost impossible to get stuck.
And, of course, there are no bugs!
If you're a true Canadian, while you're waiting for someone to give you a jump with your car hood up, and the windchill is something you don't even want to think about, you lean against your door and comment to anyone who will listen, "Yes, but it's a dry cold."

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