Saturday, January 19, 2013

Have you contacted us about your reservations?

We have now heard from and received deposits from almost everybody with existing reservations.
If you have not confirmed your reservations with a deposit or even a phone call or e-mail this winter, you should do so now. You should do this even if you don't yet know your final numbers, etc. Just let us know if you are coming or not.
I am in the process of phoning people who I wrote to more than a month ago and haven't yet heard whether they are coming to camp.
I phone twice and leave messages and then I put the cabin that was reserved on the Availability list for others to book.
So if you have been waiting for a chance to get reservations at camp or if you have wanted to switch your reservation time to a different week, watch the Availability list. It will start changing almost daily now.
You can reach me by phone at our winter number: 807-475-7246 and by e-mail:
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