Friday, February 11, 2011

How to see a moose when you're fishing

I wonder how many people would have gone right by this cow moose and never notice it?

In the top photo eagle-eye Dixie Carpenter spots the black dot in the water that turned out to be a moose last summer.

Husband Blaine Carpenter zoomed in with his camera for a closer look on the second photo.

There are lots of moose to be seen around Bow Narrows Camp and some people are better at seeing them than others.

Most folks will notice a moose swimming in the lake. But how about just a moose head sticking above the lily pads? That's all you sometimes can see of a moose feeding on aquatic vegetation. They stand on the bottom and stick their heads completely underwater to grab weeds growing there.

Weedy bays are good places to find moose and so are sand beaches! In warm weather moose like to wade out in front of the beach and cool themselves off. We've seen them do this for hours.

The best idea to spotting a moose is just to scan the water's edge and look for something black.

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