Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's time for all registered guests to send deposits

Everyone who has made reservations and not yet secured them with a deposit should have now received a letter from me.
If you have not gotten your letter, you should call or e-mail because something is wrong.
We ask you to send in your $100 per person deposit as soon as possible.
You can do this by sending us a personal check covering everyone in the group or checks from each person in the group. Make the checks payable to Bow Narrows Camp and mail them to our winter address:
Bow Narrows Camp
RR 1 Old Mill Rd.
Nolalu, ON P0T 2K0
You can also call us at our winter phone number and make your deposit with a credit card.
Our winter phone number is 807-475-7246.
Deposits ensure that the people who say they are coming fishing next summer are serious about it. We advise group organizers to always get a deposit from each individual in the group rather than paying for everyone's deposit himself. In this way he knows he can count on them coming. A lot of people will say they would like to go fishing in Canada but until they ante up the $100 deposit are really just thinking wishfully.
When they don't show next summer it embarrasses the group organizer and hurts our business since we had reserved a larger-than-necessary cabin for the group and consequently lost income.
So, the lesson is, get the $100 from each person.
We would like to receive everyone's deposit before the end of January.
All deposits are fully refundable upon 60 days notice of cancellation.
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