Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Deer "treats" just out of reach of this buck

My trail cam captured this buck in Nolalu.

The deer have eaten virtually everything palatable to them within reach including the leaves of white cedar and Old Man's Beard lichen seen framing Sam in just about the same spot as the buck was photographed.

The snow here is about 18 inches and the deer have stopped moving in the open, preferring to stay under the conifers where the snow isn't as deep.

Any day now timber wolves will appear on the scene and will start their annual hunt.

These big canines are always a worry for us since each winter they kill dogs in the area.

Sam is excellent at staying right by the house but last year there were wolf tracks there too.

If they repeat that behavior this winter I will get a wolf licence and we'll have a few more rugs to put up in the cabins at camp.

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