Saturday, April 10, 2010

Remember to bring Outdoors Card and passport

Here are two things to remember to bring when you come fishing this summer:

1. New Ontario Outdoors Card

2. Passport

Everyone who fished in Ontario last year had to apply for an Outdoors Card. It cost $9.

The cards were mailed over the winter and should be in the hands of all anglers by now.

If you applied for one last year but still haven't received it, you need to call the following phone number immediately and get it issued.

That Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Outdoors Card Centre number is: 1-800-387-7011.

You must call them and rectify the problem before coming to Ontario.

If you come to Ontario without the card you must apply for another, again for $9.
If you didn't fish in Ontario last year, you will need to apply for the card when you get your fishing licence at camp and it will be mailed to you next winter.

Ontario residents have had the cards for years but this will be the first year that non-residents will also carry them.

The card will streamline the licence-issuing procedure.

This will be the second year that all people crossing the U.S.-Canada border will need passports.

If you still haven't gotten yours, don't delay any longer. The process can take longer than expected sometimes.

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