Friday, April 16, 2010

2010 ice-out on Red Lake, Ontario only days away

By all reports and observations, ice out on Red Lake, Ontario is imminent. It remains to be seen if it beats the previous record of April 20.
The ice is said to be black and starting to develop long cracks. That means it is starting to shift. The next big wind should do the trick.
Meanwhile the temperature this weekend is supposed to get to 20+ degrees (C). Those are summer-like temperatures. Above-normal temps are predicted for all of next week.
Once spring breakup occurs I will head to camp and will be out of touch for a couple of weeks, at least as far as blog writing goes.
The next time I will be able to get back on the blog will be when Brenda joins me with the computer in a couple of weeks.
The telephone at camp won't be working except in the evenings. Use the 807-727-2730 number.
You can also reach Brenda over the next two weeks at our winter number: 807-475-7246. Call her regarding reservations.

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Doug said...

Thanks, Dan. I realize that you will be swamped with work once you arrive at your little slice-o-heaven. If nothing else, enjoy the peace and quiet...

Now that is coming from a seventh grade teacher!!!

Until later,

Doug Billings

Dan B. said...

There's always a ton of things to get done before the season starts and this will be one of the few times in recent years where we'll some time to do them.
Besides the usual stuff of moving docks, launching boats and fitting them with motors, cleaning cabins and cutting firewood, this year we also have a big construction project on the go and also need to rebuild several docks that were destroyed in last year's flood. It's going to be fun!